February 2, 2023

What We Do

New Haven Research is the home for the latest and most exciting updates when it comes to breaking news about the art world, investments and where they intertwine.

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About Our Team

Trey Burch the III

Editor in Chief

Trey is excited to bring his longstanding passion for art and investing to readers of New Haven Research. He is eager to lead readers to the latest innovations.

Danielle Brown-Davis

Danielle is an author, coach, copywriter, and real estate professional. She was born and raised on Long Island, North Babylon, NY. She currently lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

James White

James is a writer currently working to earn his degree at the University of Denver. He is a proud veteran of the US Navy.

Shoshana Rodriguez

Shoshana is an author and art enthusiast who grew up learning about art and finance in her home of NYC. She has written financial advice for multiple publications and is excited to be starting New Haven Research with her expertise.

Andrew Bulna

Andrew is a successful real estate investor sharing his deep knowledge of building wealth for the first time.

Elisa Maria

Elisa is passionate about finance with an MBA from the University of Florida, and a proud Salvadoran who brings her background and perspective to everything she writes.